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November 2016

Stem Cell Manipulation Shows Promise for Cartilage Renewal and Joint Repair

October 2016

Hidden Tooth Infections May Predispose People to Heart Disease

September 2016

Scientists Discover Possible New Weapon in the Fight Against Gum Disease

August 2016

Nanoparticles Used to Break Up Plaque and Prevent Cavities

July 2016

Effectiveness of SDF in Arresting Root Caries

June 2016

Gum Disease May Be Treatable With Bioceramic Material

May 2016

Could A Probiotic Pill Prevent Dental Cavities

April 2016

Improving Dental Hygiene Products Through Virtual Brushing

March 2016

Oral Bacteria Linked to Risk of Stroke

February 2016

Bioactive Glass in Future Tooth Fillings

January 2016

New Patent on Synthetic Molecules Brings Researchers Closer to Therapeutic Approach for Gum Disease

December 2015

Microbiome Technology May Help Combat Certain Infections

November 2015

Diamonds A Tooth’s Best Friend

October 2015

Malocclusion and Dental Crowding Arose 12,000 Years Ago

September 2015

Dentist Tapped For New Role: Drug Screenings

August 2015

Exploring 3D Printing for Oral Dental Tissue Engineering

July 2015

Noel Labs Buys Atascadero Dental Lab

June 2015

Making Teeth Tough

May 2015

A Novel Way to Apply Drugs to Dental Plaque

April 2015

Graphene: A New Tool for Fighting Cavities and Gum Disease

March 2015

Wisdom Teeth Stem Can Tranform Into Cells That Could Treat Corneal Scarring

February 2015

A Potential Long-Lasting Treatment for Sensitive Teeth

January 2015

Novel Restorative Material Developed at CU-Boulder

December 2014

New Material May Upgrade Dental Implants

November 2014

Sleeping With Dentures Increases Pneumonia Risk

October 2014

Coffee May Fight Gum Disease | Dental, Nutrition Experts Call for Radical Rethink on Free Sugars Intake

September 2014

Lead in Teeth Reveals Body’s Origin

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