Effectiveness of SDF in Arresting Root Caries

July 2016 Crownicle Newsletter

Researcher Edward Lo, University of Hong Kong, SAR, China, conducted a study titled “Effectiveness of SDF in Arresting Root Caries in Different Fluoridated Areas.” The objective of the study was to compare the effectiveness of annual application of silver diammine fluoride (SDF) solution on arresting root caries in community-dwelling elders living in water fluoridated and non-fluoridated areas. The study was conducted in Hong Kong and Guangzhou. A total of 533 elders with 138 root surfaces with active caries lesion were recruited at baseline. After 18-months, 54% of these lesions were reviewed.

Based on the 18-months result, the researchers concluded that the annual application of 38% SDF solution can arrest root caries in community-dwelling elders. The background water fluoride level does not have a statistically significant influence on the effectiveness of SDF. This clinical trial is still ongoing and longer-term results will be reported later.

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