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What People Are Saying About Noel Laboratories

We've been working hard to ensure our clients achieve success through the services we provide. We're glad to hear your ideas, and welcome opportunities to build lasting business relationships. Here are a few comments we have received from customers.

Dr. Carrie Ramirez, DDS

Carrie Ramirez, DDS

E. Carrie Ramirez DDS

"Having a local lab with friendly and reachable staff is important. I benefit from having an extremely knowledgeable lab aware of the latest technologies. Noel Laboratories is responsive and reliable. They will make it right each and every time. We appreciate the top-notch service and products. You get what you pay for here!"

Dr. John Wakeman, DDS

John Wakeman, DDS

Pismo Beach Dentistry

"Communication! The biggest advantage to working with this great local laboratory is having good strong relationships with a great team of people. Every patient and every case is unique, so it takes a working dialogue to work through each challenge and success. Get to know the lab technicians and owners. I think you'll like them."

CK Farr Dentistry Logo on gray background

Kevin Farr, DMD

CK Farr Dentistry

"Noel Labs is responsive to my practice's needs and delivers consistent quality products in a timely manner. They have a wealth of accumulated knowledge and remain current technologically... They're invaluable in lowering my stress level, and making removable and fixed prosthetic cases more enjoyable and predictable.  I can rest assured the quality of fit and finish will always be present."


Daniel Lapidus, DDS

Daniel Lapidus DDS Inc.

"Good communication, consistent results, good variety of services, great people to work with... The entire Removables Department is very attentive. Call them and voice any concerns you have - they will go out of their way to be accommodating."

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