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Created By An Authorized Comfort H/S™ Hard Soft Bite Splint Dental Lab

Noel Laboratories is proud to be an authorized Comfort H/S™ Bite Splint laboratory. This means that we are able to match, and in many cases exceed, the quality of nightguard service compared to other labs providing similar services.

If your dental practice is in the San Luis Obispo area, this is really great news, because we can offer free pickup & delivery, while also ensuring a 5 business day turn-around time.

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We invite you to see how your dental practice can benefit from partnering with our full-service dental laboratory.

Our comfort bite splints are manufactured on stone models using a 3-4mm disc normally and a precise vacuum thermoforming unit with occlusal imprinting device. The co-polyester disc is ISO medically approved for dental use. The occlusal imprinting device, Occluform®, allows a splint to be produced with either a flat occlusal plane and slight opposing cusp indentation, or anterior guidance with posterior disclusion using an open construction bite. After thermoforming, the splint is carefully contoured using carbide burs then polished with felt wheels and acrylic polish for a smooth and comfortable fit. Cold-cure acrylics can be used to increase vertical dimension and chemically bond with the co-polyester bite splint.

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Providing bruxing and clenching splints can be one of the most rewarding treatments in dentistry today. You’ll get your patients out of pain quickly and reduce further tooth destruction. This sparkling clear splint is available in two versions: hard or hard with a soft inner surface for extra comfort. Both are designed to be the first step in the treatment of bruxism.

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